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The thin line in between hungry and angry. Does this sound familiar to you? or is it just boredom?

The kitchen's world It seems to me a creative space with endless possibilities, where the only boundaries exist in your mind, but some people disagree with this. To Cook for, friends, family or a lover, it is a wonderful gift that someone can offer, cause it takes your time and it goes with your special touch, your Karisma. It's far more original than buying a teddy bear in the market, for sure! Here you will find ideas, cause each recipe at the end of the day is personal, it depends on what we got left at home, or the things we like. All you see here could be changed as you prefer. Because that's what the kitchen is like, it's a kind of art, depends on your imagination, what can match with this? what can go whit that? In short, there's no rule you can't break. Oh yes, I forgot sorry, there is only one you can't Wash your hands before you start!

What am I going to cook if I don't know how to do so?... well what a cheap excuse. You learn, with trial and error, nobody was born knowing, you could not imagine how many things I have burned, or oversalted stuff, etc. With practice, dear readers, we will be encouraged to do things with greater difficulty. My biggest advice to anyone who wants to learn to cook is to be patient and to be tidy. For instance, if I am cutting up all the elements before I start cooking, I clean up what I am not going to use again, in order to have a dynamic and organised kitchen.


I just love in here, the recipes are really original and straight to the point.
Sabrinah Tolmer
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Subarashi San