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Broccoli SoupApril 22, 2021

Hola ola wisky cola! Today I will show you my favorite soup to fight instead of the cold winter, whitout more lets start! Broccoli soup 🥦 Ingredients. 🍵 Onions 🍵 Bell peppers 🍵 Garlic 🍵 Broccoli 🍵 Zucchini 🍵 Potatoes To start we cut all the ingredients less the potatoes, doesnt matter the size, just keep in mind that if is too big, its more time boiling. Only the potatoes in small…

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Lentil burgersApril 16, 2021

If you dont want to make a complicate meal, let me show you a simple but lovely meal. Lentils burgers Ingredients oats Lentils Onions Grated carrots. Leek Bell pepper Eggs bread crumbs First of all, put water to boíl, when the water is ready the lentils should be inside. In small squares, the onion in a fried pan, when they are kind of dorate, you add the bell pepper, after the leek. You can put…

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Caipirinha Caipiroska CaipirisimaMarch 15, 2021

Ingredients Lime Brown sugar Cachaça Crushed ice How to do it? Cut the limes in little squares Add sugar With a macerator or mortar, crush the lime to release its juice. Add the crushed ice util the glass is full. Complete with Cachaça. Mix very well. This is one of my favorite cocktails, cause here you have an infinite of combinations. You can add strawberries, peach, maracuya. Whatever you think…

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Spinach and walnut ricotta cannelloniMarch 09, 2021

Dough Wrap 110 gr sifted flour pinch of salt 1 egg 1/4 litre milk To begin, put the flour in a bowl, it is always best to sieve it first to avoid lumps. Add the salt and the egg. Stir and gradually add the milk. Keep for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. Cannelloni filling 2 Onions. 1 Sweet pepper. 500 g Spinach. 2 Cloves of garlic. Salt and sweet pepper. 150g Walnuts. 200g Ricotta cheese or…

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